Durst Rho P10 320R

The Rho P10 320R was built for “Fine Art” quality that is ideally suited for high visibility, backlit applications.


In addition, the Rho P10 320R prints directly onto textiles and stretch media. Productivity is enhanced by its ability to print 5 foot rolls of material side by side, with different images on each, and the use of the large roll option allows for unattended operation.


Advantages of the Rho P10 320R


  • Latest Durst Quadro Array 10 printhead technology for outstanding print quality without loss of speed
  • Unattended printing of big rolls is provided due to the built-in security system (GSM module with status message via mobile phone)
  • User-friendly operating software with management functions
  • Highly productive workflow from simultaneous ripping/transfer and printing of files through additional RIP workstation and hot folders